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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
This CANNOT be done with nvidia cards, i have tried it with several and those adapters or others don't work. You need an ATI card since they give you more control of the output type then nvidias do
The S-video to RCA (well, video out) cable that came with my 6800gt worked fine on my 24" tube tv
For sound just run audio out to the receiver. That cable that Zero linked looks like it will fit the bill!

And to be fair to LionRed, it probably is a better idea buying one of those media players since the interface would be easy to use, it is tiny and takes barely any power and has all the connectors you need on it. You could easily get the money needed for it by selling those old parts. Although you can still make it easy enough for them by putting a single folder on the desktop titled "MOVIES", and you would also have all the regular functions of a computer...

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