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Originally Posted by andynerd View Post
Right now my old laptop uses 512 mb of ram in two slots making 1024 mb. They are both clocked at 333mhz and they are ddr2. If I upgrade to two 1 gb sticks at 667 mhz could I expect to see twice the performance? or at least a noticeable difference?

also the computer uses PC2-5300 can i use PC2-6400 instead? 667 and 800mhz ram is close in price i think
Really depends on your laptop and how much memory it can actually take advantage of. Certain memory will work while others may not. Yes you can use faster memory, but your laptop may just downclock it.

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
You know there are different flavours of DDR3, that a ram slot that runs at 333mhz most likely will not support ram running at 667mhz. What is the laptop model?
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