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Default Recommend an HSF for a V351


I have an i3 530 for my gf in a Lian Li V351B and I find the stock fan is too noisy while not being a very good cooler.
I'd like if you could suggest some good HSF I could put in there that would be pretty quiet, that would cool better than stock and that would fit. Of course the Noctua C12P is an option, but one which is on the pricy side of things.

Edit(July 14th): A little info for anyone not too interested in reading everything below. I am now considering a Scythe Big Shuriken, but I am worried it may give me problems with the mobo (Gigabyte H57M-USB3) and RAM (Ripjaws). There is no RAM in the 1st slot(closest to the CPU) tho.

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