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Hey, sorry for a post immediately afterwards... but, I have a question about WD software. I never use it and if I bought a Green drive, I'd need to use it with XP for a while.

Can the WD Align Utility software be used with a HDD set up in an enclosure? Maybe it only needs eSATA? Or maybe it's best to plug in as normal, run the software and then connect via external drive situation?

Anyone ever use this software? Can you use it with other drives connected? It's a 'Windows installer' file so I guess it will detect the WD drive... but, not sure about whether it works with the drive connected via USB (probably not) or eSATA.

WD Support > Downloads

I'm hoping this is an easy question to answer so I don't have to sign up in the WD Support forum to just ask this. It might even be a stupid question...dunno... I'm only considering this drive since it's easy to get locally and is about the same price everywhere.

I'm out of disk space, temporarily...
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