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My System Specs


Mr.Friendly : thats kinda what i was thinking. hes had the laptop for about a year i think, and hasnt really tried gaming on it yet (so not much experience with how it acts). lots of time for the fans to build up... i have a tube of ceramique in the fridge, ill see how he feels about me 'going in'...

3.0charlie : havnt tried any different drivers or anything yet. the night we discovered the problem was 'game night' so we just moved on to a working game instead of troubleshooting...ill look into alternative drivers for next time. is there anything like omega drivers for nvidia, for ati? (i have had nv cards for the last few years).

also, the whole laptop shuts off instantly, not just the game (for your reference).

thanks for the advice so far. ill report back once i have gone in and done some maintenance.
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