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This was my first OEM (and last!). It came in a cardboard box, with a fragile sticker around it. Inside was the CPU in a plastic container. The sticker was kinda beat up.
The CPU has grey thermal compound on it and a clearly seem square imprinted on it's surface.
So it's either someone at NCIX is cherry picking them, and this is a reject or someone returned the CPU since it didn't OC well and is a reject. Either way, it's bad news.

NCIX will be cross shipping me another (took some arm twisting) but if the next one is the same, I will get an OEM.


What am I looking for? For one, are there any NCIX managers on this forum? In the past there was and he was extremely helpfull. For two, since this site is Canadian and there seems to be a lot of ties with NCIX here, it's a Member review of a Canadian company. Hopefully this will have a good outcome.
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