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jasonmoreau i wouldn't buy a kit there is always something just not up to par in most kits. Build ur own it would not cost very much more and you get everything you want . Do the reviews and don't buy cheap tubing, tygon is the best and one of the best pumps is swiftech 655 come to think of it swiftech makes just about the best in all water cooling products just be careful certain blocks are made for single and dual core chips yes it does make a difference. Also go with the half inch setup. The 655 puts out 1200 liters per/hr and there are 2 versions one does not allow you to set the pump speed the other does. Again swiftech makes the best, oh stay away from the clear tops as they will break sooner or later, go with full copper blocks not good to mix aluminum and copper. Note to newbies always check many reviews don't just jump word of experience! good luck
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