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Just for S'n'G's

I ran it at 1680X1050 with 8xAA and 8xAF

Score = 9000, basically sm2/3300 sm3/3300 cpu/2700

Which I gotta say Im pretty impressed with.

I have found another oddity. During a bench like 3dmark, one specifically designed to isolate gpu vs cpu, using Rivatuner neither card actually gets to 100%.

It avg's at about 60. It peaks at 80. With a single card, it is just maxed out. Now if you do the math this makes perfect sense.

being two cards, avg at 60%, you'd have 120% of a single card. Which is almost exactly what I'm getting for an increase.

Can anyone with a working Xfire setup, tell me if theirs is the same way? Because that seems most odd.
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