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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
How bout you get off your high moderator horse and come back down to earth.

I don't need to find anything for this site.. that is why you have developers and people running this site.

Its up to you guys to find the means and us try it.
This isn't a democracy enaberif. Your vote doesnt count, and that is what Arinoth is not-so-well saying. The mods and techs dont have to do anything. Either you can contribute to finding a solution, or you can complain about someone else not doing it. I know which you'll pick.

Its not that this site is catering to one 'crowd' over another. Maybe its just that certain people on this site help more then others when issues arise. You should try helping the site and its people out once and a while instead of just complaining and not contributing.
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