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Originally Posted by Mr. Friendly View Post
you've bought a 5920G model. there is a 5920 line that's all Intel IGP, whereas the G line is dedicated graphics. very solid units! I have one of the $799 specials FS had back in December. specs are very similar to yours, only I have the T5250. go to Notebook and Laptop Reviews and check out the Acer forum. there's a lot of info about the 5920G line, with links on how to how to find drivers (there are XP drives available if you know where to look).

there are instructions on how to put the most up-to-date drivers from nVidia on there, even tho nVidia doesn't support their mobile graphics. just note they're not WHQL certified, so you can't legitimize any benchmarks you do.
Thanks! Yeah it seems to be great for gaming. Crysis just FLIES on medium, and I really didn't expect that. I saw that there are other 5920Gs, but this one seems to be one of the few with a Penryn CPU.

I'll take a look at that site for drivers and stuff, but I don't often have issues finding drivers. It should be fine since its an intel chipset and OmegaDrivers has their Nvidia ivers out again. The only thing I don't know for sure is wha the sound card is, but I am assuming its Realtek.

Here are some benchies btw:
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