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Default Score 1 for Apple and the Ipod touch! Tough little sucker.

So I've spent the last 2 days looking for my 3rd generation Ipod touch, which I assumed one of the kids had borrowed to play Angry Birds. I searched high and low grilled the kids mercilessly but still no Ipod. This was really upsetting me because I've taken up runnings and was using the Nike + Ipod function to track my runs.

Now the family and I are soon to be departing for the "Rock" to visit family this weekend and my wife had put some laundry in the machines to wash up some kids clothes before we left. Well she just called me to ask me to empty the dryer when low and behold in the dryer is my precious Ipod...yikes.

Well I was about to say a few final words to my running partner when I happened to press the power switch and well I'll be damned it started up no problems. Well not totally without problems it's displaying the wrong date and time and the screen has water under it. I may not last through the night but dang was I surprised by the crap kicking this thing has just survived. Here's a couple pics.
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