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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
I may look into switching to Android, but personally it sounds like this site will be catering to mostly those with a iphone anyways which is really to bad because lots of people use other phones than iphone.
Yeah we're really catering to just the iPhone folks with the application that's being mentioned there. Because you know the Android and BB apps are free, where the iPhone one is a couple bucks, it must mean that we're only supporting the iPhone.

Next you're going to say we're catering to Windows 7 OS since its the more preferred OS to use these days by most users even though you're stuck in your Win XP days.

How about if you think we're catering to a crowd you don't like you either get off your soap box and try to make proactive changes (IE how about you try to find a relatively easy plugin for the forums and app for all mobile devices and get back to me?) rather then bitching and moaning about it or just as you've said frequent the site less and less.
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