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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Windows Mobile is a dead platform. If Tapatalk doesn't support it then there's nothing HWC can do about it; that's left to the developers of the software.
Windows Mobile is hardly a dead platform. It may not be up there on the top of the list with the others, but its STILL very useful and has its place.

You either have something completely tied to google or something childish like the iphone.

I personally like my Touch Pro as do a lot of other people.. and since Microsoft is releasing Windows Mobile 6.5 soon or has.. its supposed to really help with those who aren't that familiar with it.

OH and might I add last year when I was looking to replace my phone with Telus the ONLY phone that had WiFi was the Touch Pro. The Storm 2 by Blackberry wasn't out and the screen on that phone is horrible. So sometimes you can only go with what you have.

I may look into switching to Android, but personally it sounds like this site will be catering to mostly those with a iphone anyways which is really to bad because lots of people use other phones than iphone.

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