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Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
Unfortunately our solution for mobile access will be OS limited as well. Might as well be prepared now.

I run WinMo myself (dual boot with Android) and the sad fact is, that isn't where the market is, so there is little point in wasting time and money developing for it.

Depending on your device (mostly HTC), you should look to see if there is an Android port. The one I run has support for everything except the camera, but it has awful battery life. Like 3 hours
Consequently I only use it when I am at home/work/car/ somewhere where I have a plugin stored

Case in point once again of HWC catering to a certain crowd. Its precisely why I've not come around here in ages.

Yes I can dual boot myself but as much as I do like the Android interface on my phone it really heats up using android.
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