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Originally Posted by Tazer-[X] View Post
LoL a nocd crack gets you busted, if you beleive there are men in black wearing sunglasses working foe EA that carry guns and went to school and know networking technlologies since that guy from cern created HTTP from way back in the days when the only transports where realy IP and the speeds where about 4 MBps and they stayed on top of technology and that makes them about 70 years old and you must respect elders but ive never met an eldereven spear of destiny my IT skills especially when he dis BSd on pdp's in the 70's and I do like multiple IP address spoofing and maybe differant operating systems and these guys that make games have no idea that I might even be using an IP that deos not exist coz I might have masterd openBSD and I have cryptograpghy that even the US gov cant crack and they wouldnt know if I paid for it anyway and even at that descent 2 was waay harder than mass effect and spear of destiny was the first rea FPS and they think they are punking who has the real money but they are only punking stupid kids into buying upgrades that make no real noticible differance coz I finish the games so fast I cant tell the diff from dx9 or dx10 coz i finish so fast I give and decide to hack certain DB like the one im reading LoL coz im like ancient in IT techs LoL that most wouldnt even know I know all their secrets and they are worried about a nocd crack when they are more scared about who the real threat is so they actually wrote subroutines into these little drm's and track you LoL coz you are all impressionable little slaves to techs that make you powerless, if you reverse engineer it you would see
Tried reading it three times but i keep failing!

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