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BTW if you really want to do that air ducting trick, you use the small blower motor off a wood furnace (draft inducer blower) to pump the cold air directly into the case from outside via the vent pipe. It works like a charm..... and DAMN there's nothing like -40c to bench a rig just make sure the computer is on and warm, preferably under load so you don't freeze anything important (like capacitors or the wicking in your heat pipes). after you are done, unplug the computer first then turn off the blower and don't turn the computer back on again until you are sure there's no condensation on anything critical. I've done it at least a 100 times with no problems and it's the cheapest way to bench there is. Problems with marginal OC's due to heat suddenly dissapear under the onslaught of cold artic ar..... you can compete head on with some of the entry level cooling systems out there with those air temps moving fast.
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