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The JM618 based drive like the V gen 2 are good drives for RAIDING as their "Idle Time Garbage Collection" is extremely aggressive. Since raid == no trim thats a good thing. The down side to it being aggressive is it eats cell life for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Overall the Kingston SSDNow gen 2 V is a decent beginner drive but I know I wouldn't chose two of them over a Vertex 2. They will lose in all but sequnetial speed to that monster of a drive. This assumes you can afford the asking price for that beast. One thing is their "ITGC" is extremely mild so they are not good choices for RAIDing. So one is all you should use.

Another good single drive option is the Intel X25M gen 2. This is a GREAT first time SSD choice. Almost as fast as the Vertex 2 in many respects (though slower overall of course) but when it goes on sale for $205....its a steal. And a very good drive at its now normal asking price of 235.

IF you are dead set on RAIDing two SSDs....I would recommend a pair of Vertex 1 60gb'ers that has on for 159 + $10 MIR. They have mature firmware and while their ITGC is good its no where near as aggressive as the JM618 or JM612 drives! This means they will LAST longer. You get 10k avg writes to MLC NAND. So the lower the avg cell usage...the longer they will last (in theory). ;)

IMHO for your needs:
1 drive solution on a budget = Intel X25M gen 2 80gb
1 drive solution money no object == Vertex 2 100GB or Vertex 2 120GB
2 drive RAID'ed solution == Vertex 1 60gb
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