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Boy Oh Boy! There is NO SUCH THING as a threshold for safe(????) OC'ing!!! GO FOR IT.....blast that rig of yours!!!

To increase the size of your e-peen, you'll do whatever it takes right? I put my entire rig outside on my balcony last year and I managed to push my CPU to 4.5GHz! It froze -20 that day and the CPU managed to get that chilly as well. Your ram and GPU will love it too.....just make sure the wind can blow over/through your rig to eliminate condensation. Take the side panels off. Great for running benchies!

Also make sure you insolate/cover up your HDD's (also defrag them) because HDD's hate cold temps! And when you're ready shut down your rig....take it inside and let it heat up to room temp first before you turn it on! GOOD LUCK....and take some pics!
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