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Default SSD considerations, under $200

So I am debating between 3 solid state drives. The cheapest is the OCZ solid 2 30GB at $85. Next is the intel x25-V 40GB at $120. Finally, the $190 OCZ Agility 2. All prices Canadian. Anything higher priced, is out of my range and the OCZ agility is cutting it close.

I will be using it as a boot drive but I will also be putting one or two games on it, for the load times at lan parties and the such. I will move all of my "documents" "downloads" "pictures" etc. directories to a 500GB WD Black, where the rest of my games will also reside.

I would like to stay below $200 after taxes, below is even better. I am considering the OCZ Agility because of the seemingly amazing read and write performance aswell as the highest capacity. But it is at the edge of my budget and I will only get it if it is really worth it over the intel. I mean, will I feel that much difference? Also, as such, I do not mind a 30GB drive as it will still fit one or two games (19.1GB right now with my windows 7 install) but I worry about using up so much space. I also worry about the write speeds of the intel drive.

So make up your mind, explain your reasoning and solidify some of my worries and put others to rest. Thanks in advance.

If you have any other SSD suggestions, please feel free. But this is the best I could come up with, with my research.
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