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Originally Posted by tzetsin View Post
Wear a coat, it gets really chilly sitting for an hour beside an open window ;)
Hahaha I love that idea. Well I guess that if we're comparing e-peens on hwbot, I might as well do what I can. It seems that it pays to be Canadian sometimes!

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Problem with air cooling is that the air cooler you use is only going to work upto a certain TDP and after that it won't cool anymore and your gonna cook your chip.
I thought Intel's TDP were lower than the actual max, to give a margin of safety? Either way I wouldn't want to go past the TDP rated for my CPU.

On that note, how do I know if my CPU is drawing up to the 65 watts it is rated for the TDP? I am unsure how to calculate this. Right now I am at 10x350mhz @ 1.431v (I will be looking this up right after too), and how do I know the TDP the TRUX120 is meant to handle? I've read many reviews that give differing answers without a consensus...

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