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Originally Posted by SmallWhiteDragon View Post
Well I am mostly concerned with performance, I have a 1TB hard drive that I'll be using for backups. So a one 2TB hard drive will out perform two 1.5TB in a RAID 0 array?
If Gaming is your primary performance concern, then RAID0 will provide almost no benefit. You should get near 2x the read/write speeds, but your RATs will barely change. For gaming, this will mean almost nothing. Remember that once you are in a game, the HDD does almost nothing. The CPU, RAM, and GPU handle all the heavy work.

Check out this toms hardware test.,1705-6.html

They basically gained 0.2 - 0.8 FPS by going to RAID0. Now considering that the 2TB is faster than the 1.5s, the difference will be even less. I would not call .5 FPS worth cutting HDD reliability in half. RAID0 will also use up a little bit of CPU power as well (very little).

I would personally recommend going with a single 2TB drive over 1.5TB RAID0.

Or, better yet, like supafly says, get a small SSD and a 2tb drive and you will have the best performance. The SSDs have such significantly smaller RATs that you will be able to see a difference in loadtimes of apps and games.
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