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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I am now waiting on the majority of my htpc/server/seed box to arrive in the mail i have a couple of questions for those of you whom are wise in the art of XBMC.

1. What program can i use to rename my movies into a name that XBMC will recognize?
2. Should i have any issues running this on Windows 7 (amd2 triple core processor and 2 gb of ram).
3. Merge my 2 or 3 cd movies into 1 single file
4. What file format is the best for video, mkv, avi, xvid

Any other suggestions/recommendations are welcome
1. The newest SVN builds are doing really well at recognizing, so you might not have to at the next version.

2. Nope, i do so and it works great on my phenom 1 tricore

3. You don't have to but i would recommend it as XBMC's library gets confused on those

4. I like h264 encoded 1080p stuff.

What are you using for hardware acceleration? You'll probably want to look at the new SVN builds because they offer DXVA, assuming you have an nvidia card. ATI has a driver issue with some cards
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