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Originally Posted by Mr. Cipher View Post
I currently run my e2180 @ 3.4ghz (340mhz x 10) with 1.4325v, with load temps of ~ 53/54.

I joined up with HWBOT and realized that my system, although decent for an air-rig, completely sucks in comparison.

Now I want to pump this bad boy up to 3.6-3.8 if possible, and was wondering what I should watch out for, having an air cooling system. Is there any way this is possible without WC or anything higher, and barring any unforeseen circumstances (man that brings back good half-life memories), have this rig not die out within a week?

(I am guessing that voltage doesn't matter whatever kind of cooling you have, the more of it going to the CPU, the shorter the lifespan)

Thanks everyone.
Problem with air cooling is that the air cooler you use is only going to work upto a certain TDP and after that it won't cool anymore and your gonna cook your chip.

For example my e8400 on a U120X with a 120x38mm fan @ 4.2-4.3ghz will hit a temp of 72 under load and I know for this cpu and air cooler combo any higher and I need a different type of cooling.

Basically it comes down to voltage and the cooler. More voltage will end up killing the processor faster, but heat will will kit it even quicker.

Just make sure which ever cooler you use can sustain the high temps.
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