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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
For file renaming and content management I use Ember media manager for my movies, it scrapes from IMDB, and various other sources. You can pick and choose your fanart, posters, and all the imdb info. It does a great job of finding high quality images for the fanart. You can manage all your blue ray rips, and even set it to automatically update your XBMC setup, with any new movies. They are supposed to be adding TV support, but nothing as of yet.

For renaming TV shows to the proper format I use a program called TVRename. It's similar to Ember, as it allows you to add all the season and episode info to nfo files, all of which work with XBMC. And being able to batch rename everything saves so much time. It also compares your files to the actual episode/season info, and will tell you if you are missing episodes, or if they do not follow the proper aired order.
Have any 'tutorial' in how to use tvrenamer, so far its not doing anything even if i point it to the right folder.

And i guess same goes with ember...
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