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My System Specs


ENCODING: NOTE: You won't be able to encode if you are using a lossless audio track like TrueHD.

Applications Needed:

Sometimes movies come w/ excessively high bitrate or they are encoded w/ a poor MPEG-2 codec. In these cases you may want to re-encode them to save some HDD space. I've tried dozens of different encoders out there, and for blurays, Ripbot264 is the easiest to use. So once the above applications are installed, open up RipBot264. It should look like this. Click the add button in the lower right hand corner to get started.

Click the button next to the 'Video' field and select the demuxed video track from the bluray. Then press the button next the the 'Audio' field and select the audio track.

Now press the button next to 'Profile'. This is where we select the x264 settings.

This is an example of the settings I use. If you use the following you can't go wrong if you are looking for quality. But it will take a long time to encode. Press 'OK' when you have the settings picked.

Next from the 'Mode' box select 2-Pass, then close the bitrate desired. I choose 8192 for this movie as it its quality wasn't the greatest anyways. I really wouldn't go below 12-14Mbps normally for a 1080p BD rip.

Now make sure that you have '.mkv' selected,the subtitles track if you are using any, and the destination where you would like the completed rip saved. After you have done these you can then press the 'Properties' box next to the bitrate box.

All there is to do is here, is to crop off the black bars. So far re-encoding a video is the only way I have found to do this. Under 'Crop' slect Automatically. Press 'OK' when done.

Now we are done. Press 'Done.'
Then press 'Start'

NOTE: You definitely want a quad core for this and preferably even an i7. My Q8200 takes about 2 days for a movie to complete. My Core i7 @ 4.2GHz was about 16 hours.
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