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My System Specs


PLAYBACK. This is the old version to be used w/ FLAC audio soundtracks.

applications needed:
Haali Media Splitter

Not only will these 3 applications/codecs allow for BD playback, but will allow for about 95% of all media out there. First go ahead and install AC3Filter. You can just click continue for everything during the installation. Install everything normally here. AC3filter requires no customization. AC3Filter will be used for all non FLAC audio.

Now you can go ahead and install Haali Media Splitter. Use all the default installation settings. MadFlac doesn't really install. All you have to do is copy it somewhere on your HDD (I suggest Program Files), then run the 'install.bat'. Reboot the system and you should now be good to go.

Reclock is going to allow DirectShow players to take control of the audio in Windows. As far as a I know only Vista/7 require this. But as I don't use XP I can not confirm this. It is easy to install, and the first time you run a DirectShow player after installing it will ask you if you want to use Reclock w/ it. Select Always. Now Reclock is only required if you are using a 7.1 setup. Otherwise you can just go in to the madflac filter properties and select 5.1 only.

Any DirectShow software will be able to play your BDs back now. Meaning Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, Zoom Player, etc. Windows Media Center should be able to as well, but only on 32-bit OS's.

Another alternative to using the codecs I mentioned above is to just use Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC). It supports DXVA w/ h.264 as well as almost all audio formats. I would still however install madflac and use that as the primary codec for audio. The following shows how to make sure that MPC-HC uses the madflac codec for flac.

First open up MPC-HC. Then click O for options. 'Click on External Filters' on the left hand column then 'Add Filter.' Then add the 'madFlac Decoder.' Then back in the options page click on Internal Filters on the left hand column. Then make sure you deselect flac from both the 'Source Filters' and 'Transform Filters colums.' Now MPC-HC will handle all codecs besides FLAC. So you don't need to install any codecs besides madFlac.

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