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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Yeah I don't like when there is no response from a company.

That doesn't sit well with me.

I use the iXtrema 120's , yes they have a high CFM rating but like all specs they have to be looked at like this I believe.

They have an max airflow and a Min noise, I don't believe that the two are associated with each other (this goes for all manufacturers).
I believe its 72 CFM or at their lowest setting 19DB. I could however be wrong, regardless I've yet to personally find a Fan that actually has realistic specs.

YL, Delta, Panaflo, and Sanyo Denki are all pretty realistic with their numbers, I find (Nevermind actually having some of the less common measurements available at all). And by amazing coincidence, they all have their fingers in the OEM and server markets, which are much less tolerant of misrepresentation of cooling ability.

Silenx claims industry standard testing at 1m, but I've heard that their numbers are actually obtained from averaging x, y, and z-axis measurements, which naturally means that 2 of the positions have the fan sideways to the mic, and obviously borks the final number. Haven't seen it verified, but it makes you wonder.
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