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Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
why did some people still put THIS STUPID LAYER between PSU and MOBO!!!! That make stupid crappy airflow!!!
With bottom mounted PSU cases...its doesnt matter. The air gets sucked in from below the case, through the PSU and exhausted out the back never "touching" the internal case air. So it has no impact on internal air flow movement at all. The whole idea of zones is to separate the heat from the various items and keep them from heating each other up. For example if you were using it as a NAS with all those bottom hard drive bays populated...that would be a bit of heat that other components would have to deal with (e.g. the CPU may run hotter, mobo chipsets that are passively cooled may run hotter, etc etc). Its a good idea for certain areas....and a meh idea for others as it makes cable routing a bigger PITA, etc etc.

YMMV but Lian LI and Silverstone proved it does work when implemented properly. This case. No idea havent tried it out. So YMMV :)

No my personal rant is why do companies STILL think its a good idea to have the hdd cage rotated 90°!? Why even bother putting a fan in front of it....jack shite all of the air is going to make it past that aid damn of a cage.
IF you have to have that in your design....stick ANOTHER fan on the other side of the cage to help suck the air through and past it.
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