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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
Nothing wrong with those parts, I'd say.

I suspect that you'll need more coolant to fill that rad and all those blocks. And I'm nearly positive that you can't fit a quad radiator inside a HAF-X. Triple, yes, quad, no.

Considering that you have six key items (four blocks, one pump, one res, that in itself will generally require six pieces of tubing. And in my experience, it's amazing what one foot of tubing will almost reach. Grab a 10 foot roll of appropriate-sized tubing - you'll probably mess up a piece or two and need the extra.

You don't say what kind of nozzles - compression fittings? If not, you'll need clamps for each nozzle. You'll also need fittings for the reservoir, and clamps for the pump.
Yeah, I picked up 14 feet and switched to a triple. I have regular nozzles for most of the blocks and I picked up 2 angled nozzles for the graphics cards. I also got a bridge for the graphics so I can cut down on the tubing. The regualr nozzles, 6 of them are compression, the angled one, I don't think so.
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