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Originally Posted by MonkeyHood View Post
Very nice guide, was looking for something like this on XS. I just have a few questions. Where can you buy a solder, and how much do they cost? Where do you buy sleeves and heatshrink tubes? I've looked on jab-tech, but the shipping costs 3x more than the equipment. Is Jab-tech a reliable site?
Almost 3 months later, i answer your questions. Sorry!

You can get a solder iron @ home depot even @ Walmart. Depending of the quality, it's pretty cheap.

I personally love Jab-Tech. But yeah, if you are in Canada, you better place a big order with them so you will save on shipping. If you plan on just buying sleeving, then maybe you should consider buying sleeving kits or so in Canada which you can find @, Buy Computer Parts, Computer Hardware, PC Parts at Best Online Computer Shop - DirectCanada etc...
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