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My System Specs


Sorry, but if any game chops with your system, another 6 Gigs of RAM isn't going to make a lick of difference. But if you have the money to throw away (which it seems you do since everyone's advised against it and you're doing it anyway) then go for it. At the end of the day though, most games have a RAM access limit, and for the majority it's actually only 2GB I believe. That's why 4GB of RAM is plenty for most people.

Im curious to know what game you're running that your machine is having issues with? I see you run a Dell Ultrasharp 3008 WFP 30" monitor. It runs in a native 25x16, which you should not have an issue with. Something to note though; make sure you're not mistaking 'screen tearing' as 'chopiness'. That monitor has an 8ms response time, which is pretty crap for gaming.

*EDIT* Alienware might be part of your issue as well. On top of being way overpriced, they don't use the best quality parts. And if you're sitting on a 'factory' install, you're probably WAY behind the curve on your driver updates.
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