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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
Well I give up on Linux well it isn't a Linux problem its an ATI problen there drivers are pretty bad for windows but Linux ati driver Suck huge I spent the paste week trying to config my Radeon x800 vid card and it failed every time well except once out of the 30+ reinstalls of Linux the drivers actually worked buit then I screwed up and never could get them working properly again I was going to install Linux on my new system I am building but since I am going ATI for the card ( because they are allot cheaper) I won't be installing Linux which is to bad I like Linux its just those fn drivers from ati so a little advice for anyone planing on running linux make sure you don't have a ATI card especially an x800 ( which are apparently the worst for Linux ) SO back to this winblows again oh yeah
+1 for nvidia

While their drives may not be the greatest to be executed for linux they do provide the support!
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