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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Well if its DDR2 there is no reason not to choose Kingston if you can find it at a half decent price. I don't think its cost is going down anytime soon as its EOL.

Your best bet is to not invest too heavily in something thats at its lifes end, so get the RAM that will meet your budget constraints, and satisify what you want to do with the system and then save up for the eventual push into a new system in the future.

All being said and done, both Kingston and Mushkin sticks are good and using either would net you the same performance.

I agree. But, does it matter which timings? There's either CL5 or CL4. I thought if I add RAM later *(say, I get 2GB), whether CL4 or CL5 would be more available. Since it's EOL, maybe only one will be available? I know you can adjust the timings but certain sticks will run at one better than the other setting?
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