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Default DDR2 options?

I'm still building a budget system and it seems, it's going to be a P45 system with DDR2 memory. I'll keep my current Q6600 cpu for it and use a E3300 (?) for the current P35 board.

There's Mushkin DDR2 RAM (I think it's the HP series - 6400) in there now.

I'm looking for ideas/options for getting RAM for one of these boards. Leave the Mushkin in the old one or move it to the new board? I was thinking of doing that but I need RAM for the other board.

Confused yet? :)

The sysetm in my .sig will become the 'budget' machine and this new one, w/ P45 mobo will be my new computer. I know it's not much but I haven't invested much in it yet (just traded a Socket 939 cpu for it) so it's a good deal.

The other options I have to decide on:
* 2GB or 4GB
* timings - CL4 or CL5
* brand (I guess I'm leaning towards Kingston Hyper-X as my first choice unless there's a good reason to consider a different one)

Prices seem to be $45 for 2GB of DDR2 PC-6400 or $92 for 4GB (of same)

There only seems to be a slight price difference when going to a different timing (CL4 v.s. CL5)

I don't know if I should invest in 4GB of DDR2 RAM, though? I wouldn't mind having more for *my* system, though. Kingston seems to be the brand that has more to choose from so easier to add RAM if you go with Kingston? OCZ and Corsair seems to be widely available, too, though.

Any recommendations?

I would have liked to go to a new architecture but I don't have the dough for that right now. I still want to get a SSD and another HDD at some point!

Please recommend?!?

I'd go for used RAM but there's not too many people selling right now and I don't think their prices are that competitive to new. However, the damn HST is a real PITA right now so that's not helping... I should have already decided on the memory before July 1/HST day!!!! ARGH!
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