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Default Starting first water cooling loop, would like some insight.

Hello hello,

I'm starting my first watercooled loop and I would like some insight and guidance on the parts that I've found and how I should go about setting this up.

Right now I have:

2x Koolance CPU-360
2x Koolance Socket G34 adapter pins (not sure if I need 4 since it's two to a set.)
1x Koolance 4x120mm radiator
1x Bottle of 700ml of coolant
1x Koolance 80mm 157 ml reservoir
2x Koolance VID-NX480
4x pairs of nozzles
1x Koolance 450s pump
4x 1 ft pieces of tubing

My initial concerns are:

Will the radiator be able to fit on a HAF X?
Have I forgotten any parts?
Are the pieces that I've amassed in good standing from one's experience?

I'm getting this setup for an Asus KGPE-D16, 2x 6172, and 2x EVGA GTX 480
Koolance is the only brand that has fittings for the G34 socket, or at least the only brand that I've found. If a more reputable brand happens to carry one, I'd be more than willing to switch to that.

Thanks for your help!
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