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My System Specs


Using any form of RAID in your fileserver?

From My recent research:

Hitachi7200 = good drive, louder and more power hungry than the 5xxxrpm drives though
Seagate LP = almost as loud as 7200rpm drives (according to SPCR), high failure rate... I'm not a SG hater, in fact I am using SG drives right now with no problems, but according to reviews and forums, the LP drives specifically have a high failure rate.
Samsung F3 = I've personally never tried a sammy drive, but they get good reviews for reliability and noise, but terrible reviews for customer service and RMAs.
WD EARS = Good drive.. AFTER you use the WDIDLE3 program to disable the head parking. NOT FOR RAID, the TLER cannot be turned on.
WD EADS = Good drive.. AFTER you use WDIDLE3 just like the EARS. Also, you can update the firmware of this drive and then use the WDTLER software to enable TLER so that these can be used in RAID.

Bear in mind that all the info I read was from forums, pro reviews, and custom reviews. Personally I have 2 WD20EADS on the way from NCIX. they are "on sale" for $99 right now. I use quotation marks because it is a maximum of 1 drive per customer... but they also have free shipping over 100$ this week.
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