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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
bravo. love the general layout on giga boards. let me go to the oc page...hmmm

"8+2 power phase design "

even 80 dollar mobos come well equipped power filtering wise, got to love giga for that

wow. thats quite the overclock. any idea what those chippies are made to take? 120c? more?
in a well ventilated case(i.e top fan sucking air from around that area on the mobo) even 1.5 24/7 will be fine

more edits

happy to see you guys use everest more. just a benchie, but still :) thumbs up here as well

was looking for the power concumption page but its not there. i think the board supports the power saving e6 energy saver or whatever its called

I actually did a bit of digging to find out how much heat those MOSFETs can take while writing the review. IIRC, they can go up to 150C. Unfortunately, as you approaching that limit, the current leakage across the source and drain increases logarithmically, resulting in instable voltage and current delivery. If you push 1.5V for 24/7 under 100% load, be sure to aim a 80mm fan on the area. Alternately, invest in one of the Thermalright HR-09 heatsinks. They work really well and give you a peace of mind.

Power consumption testing will be reflected in my next review. I need to get a "kill-a-watt" from Canadian Tire.
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