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Thanks, So you don't think a 5870 is worth the extra $100? Should I buy the 5850 and a new tower instead? "My tower now is oldish" Hmm... Or just the 1 5870. Why do you guys choose the 5850 over the 5870 may I ask?

If I get the 5850, Theres these options:

ASUS 1GB 5850 PCI-E VGA Card

Gigabyte 1GB 5850 PCI-E VGA Card

HIS 1GB 5850 PCI-E VGA Card

Powercolor 1GB 5850 PCI-E VGA Card

If I was going to pay $370 for the 5850, I'd rather pay the extra $50 and get this:

Powercolor 1GB 5870 PCI-E VGA Card

But if i was going to get the 5850, I reckon I'd just go with a Powercolour 5850 for $340, Thoughts? And why Go for the 5850 ?

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