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The Max PC article raised m ore questions than it answered.

Basically, there IS NO SUCH THING AS A LEGACY 120HZ SET. Every single manufacturer is still releasing sets that aren't true 120Hz. Even the newest Samsung c-series and Sony Bravias have several models that don't use 120Hz refresh rates.

The difference is that an actual 120Hz panel will refresh the image 120 times every second whereas a "false" 120Hz set will use interpolation to fudge things. This distinction is particularly important for 3D as the shutter glasses being used need to run at 60 refreshes PER EYE so the user doesn't see a rapidly flickering image.

TVs that don't have a 3D-Ready certification but still advertise 120HZ or even 240Hz use interpolation as I mentioned. Basically what this means is instead of actually refreshing the image 120 or 240 times per second, the TV's image processing routine is just generating additional frames to eliminate judder, etc.while the TV itself is still working at 60Hz. It is just marketing that makes up these "Hz" values since they sound nice.

Now, a true 120Hz set will actually have a panel working at 120Hz which will result in accurate syncing with the 2x 60Hz shutters in the 3D glasses. Just remember that even a true 120Hz set can still use interpolation in order to achieve 240Hz.
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