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Better question might be which version, right? I might 'upgrade' to 7 (well, buy OEM) but I see no reason not to get just Home Premium 64-bit. Is it just old software that only has XP versions that wouldn't work on it? Is that how it works? I wanted to make that clear. I believe it's the case but want it confirmed. I don't even want to get a 'new' Windows OS (LOL!) but I'm out of XP copies and want a legit copy. I'm giving my old computer to someone so I'm letting them keep the XP on it.

The new build I'm going to have and install 7 (I guess). I can network the two computers and each computer can access to the other (including writing/copying files to and from), right? The differences mostly regard compatible programs? I even read that there were some workarounds for 'XP only programs' or something like that?
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