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Originally Posted by Digikid View Post
RMA means Return to Manufacturers Address. It means to send back the card for replacement.

Get the 5850 and OC it to 5870 Levels. I recommend XFX above all other brands.

I know that the Nvidia boys will be here soon so I will tell you this....if you LIKE a power sucking heater in your PC then by all means get a 4xx series GeForce. LOL!!!!!
I'll be ignoring all fanboys so that's fine!

Yeah I was thinking about doing that, But I have the money and I reaaaaally don't want to O.C. and even If i can O.C, I could buy a 5870 and O.C. that too higher anyway couldn't I?

Price isn't really an issue as long as it's under that $400 budget, And if on stock levels ones better than the other etc, It's so hard to decide!

I can't find anything even by Nvidia around the same price... But they do have some 470 for the same price, But any chart shows the 5870 topping it, and sometimes even the 5850, And it's the price of the 5870. But it does have 1.2gb ram on it ?.... Gahh I'm pretty sure the NVIDIA cards in that price range are pretty shit huh? Why isn't there any more competiton this time round? I did this 2 years ago, And there was heaps of cards to choose, Now theres barely any.. (Fanboys pee off, I'm just saying it how it is)
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