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Default Help me buy A Graphics card please

Hey guys, Can you please help me decide what the better graphics card is etc etc at the moment, And why?

System specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66 GHz
RAM: Normal 4gb Ram
GRAPHICS: (((WAS))) Nvidia 9800gx2 Graphics Card It's now dead.
PSU: Toughpower 750w PSU
Screen: Full HD 23" Monitor I think

I'm thinking about the ATI 5850, or 5870, My Budget is around $400 AU, So American probably 380 or so?

I'm so stuck betwen if the two, And if there's anything else out at the moment, I don't mind waiting a month or so if something new is coming out, But not really much longer than that...

Thanks this website looks great, I've been using the CPU charts etc for a while now. =)

P.S. I'm not expecting too overclock anything, Upgrade cpu anytime soon, Etc etc so if that counts for anything... :)

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