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Exclamation Change motherboard without re-installing..possible?

Default vcore, vtt, ht, NB, SB and the NB runs very hot that is probably causing all the other issues related to this board. I thought one of the hard-drivers failed in Raid-5 and put in another one and rebuilt the array, only to discover the hard-drive was not defective when I tested it with WD Data Lifeguard. Now windows 7 won't even start-up properly even after attempting numerous repairs, system restore options and I also think that problem is related to the bloated AI suite that I installed. Even after finally removing it, the system still has issues.

Basically the computer restarts when it's just about to go into Windows.

I have no interest in overclocking this board, just want a stable and reliable board.

I also tried setting up the voltages manual:
vCore set at 1.299 ( tried 1.3)
NB 1.32

Asus P5N-D (Nvidia nFORCE 750i)
Q8400 cpu
1301 bios (latest bios)
Sapphire HD 5550 2GB
OCZ2N800SR4GK PC2 6400 default unlinked 800/1333 2.1v 5,4,4,15
Enermax ETK450AWT 450Watt power-supply

PASS - Memory test
PASS - Windows Diagnostics
PASS - DATA Lifeguard.

I've googled this board and there seems to be allot of people that have issues with this board and it seems to be directly related to nForce 750i.

The real question I have is if it's possible to take my 3 hard drives ( Raid 5 ) and put them on a more reliable board ( such as an Intel based chipset system ) without a problem other than having to install new drivers. The reason I ask is because I cannot run the system long enough to back up all my contacts in Outlook and other data.

Or for that matter, a reliable nForce 750i that's proven it's longevity? Suggestions?

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