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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Sennheiser. The PC350 is a headset designed by an audio equipment manufacturer. The others are audio equipment designed by peripheral manufacturers. The sound quality you'll get from the Sennheisers is leaps and bounds ahead of what you'd hear from any other "gaming headset".
Yea, i know that it's a company known from soviet union and hitler's germany times... But i've heard, that Kave is a very nice headset and can compete with any other headsets too. That sounded like a nice deal, plus it's 150 our money cheaper, than sennheiser's PC350. Although, i want quality, even though i'm poor, but i want quality for a long time. Not 1 or 2 years, but more like a few years.

Anyway, the point is, that Roccat is almost unknown to most users, especialy americans and canadians and people from UK. It is more known in small countries around the europe, so there are not many reviews, but every one of them has no minuses. Very few people has it, compared to Sennheiser's almost 70 years name. That's why i'm asking about this thing. Also i cannot find anyone, who have had sennheiser's and roccat's headsets, both. Only Siberia and Kave. Those prefer Kave though...

The point of my thinking (sorry if it crosses anyone's else's) is that name doesn't mean everything.
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