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Default ITX HTPC Build

My current home theatre is getting a little dated and it needs a full rebuild. A new sound system and an HTPC is going to replace the existing stuff.

A little background: My old home theatre contains an 18 year old Kenwood system (UD-90, this thing's a dinosaur :D). Having chucked out the dual tape deck and single cd player a couple years back, it chugged along nicely till now. The equalizer VFD has died and the volume from the receiver is slowly fading, so to get any decent sound, the volume knob would need to be maxed out. It has no digital inputs and it doesn't do switching so my TV does all the switching between PC, DVD and TV.

HTPC wise, it's an Athlon X2 4400+ on a 780G platform housed in an Antec Lanboy. It's one of the most used PCs in the house since it's so convenient to have a PC easily accessible. The PC itself doesn't have any problems, it's just that the H55N-USB3 is so damn sexy and I had to get it (oops, spoiled it) and hence, the new build.

I couldn't be arsed to put together a speaker + receiver setup so I went with an Onkyo S3300 5.1 system. While it's only 5.1 and not a super powerful unit, my family room is only 10X15, so it should be ample for the room.

The box it came in was huge and had several scars from shipping, but everything was packed nicely and nothing seemed to be damaged....

Everything unpacked.

The HTPC I'm planning to build:

Intel i3 530
Gigabyte H55N-USB3
G.Skill 4GB 1600 DDR3
WD Green 500GB
Corsair 400CX
Lian Li Q07

As you can see, there's no motherboard in that picture. Nope, it's not that I forgot to order it, but it's because NCIX didn't have stock in their warehouse and had to be transferred from their supplier/store/whatever. Le sigh. It shipped yesterday via ground so it should be here next week.

I guess there won't be a build for another week, but I can still go ahead with the sound system upgrade later today.

But now, here's some case pr0n.

What could be in that blue bag?

Oh it's the Q07


QC from Jul 22 09, it's almost a year since.

Reset/Power Switch etc.

Front USB, not all that exciting :D

The 6 small screws that hold the side panel in place. Not a huge problem since I won't be taking it apart that often.

Room for an SSD/2.5 drive too.

That's it, for now....
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