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Default Is the R700 suppost be like dual core gpu

From what i read is that the new r700 by ati will support 4 gpus on one pcb by possably dual core gpu thats what i understood when i read this link if any one has a diffrent idea of this please post i would like to know more about the r700 cuase id like to see what there pitching for 2009 cause im thinking. That amd might have a quad core 45 nm cpu with the first to be seen dual core gpu now that would tempt me to spend 3 grand on a system!

A dual gpu video card amd could do it they have the tech to do it! bye bye navidia i dont know if navidia could keep up with that even with intel helping. Dont get me wrong i love my 7600 gt it rocked so did 5500 fx! amd would score big with the first dual gpu with its own special bus and every one have to buy there chips!
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