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Default SSD slower than expected...

Hello, I have recently gotten a Vertex 2 120gb to put my main programs including Windows 7 instead of my Caviar Black 1tb.

However, in the process I guess Windows boot time is actually a fair bit slower than it used to be. Most likely its a classic case of pebkac. But roughly before with my unoptimized, few months old installation, I was getting a boot time of about 1m21s give or take a few seconds (from the moment I pressed the button). With the SSD having done all the proper optimisation (or so I think), I am closer to 1m50s.

As for the optimisations I have done, I have basicly followed those 2 sites: Guide SSD Tweak Utility
Windows 7 - Ultimate SSD Speed Tweaks

Can anyone enlighten me ?
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