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WD greens and their head parking issue is so blown out of proprotion it aint funny. IF you are using it as a data only drive they are great. IF you plan on using it as your temp dir / pg file / scratch disk are in for pain. They are elegant solutions for what they were designed for, but are very inelegant solutions for anything besides their specific niche. Simple as that. :)

Same goes for the 4k "issue". If you are running win 7 it is not an issue. 4K alignment is what Vista Sp1 (or was it Sp2....cant remember) and later MS OS's do by default.

The greens run cooler, use less power and make less noise and have the same warranty as the Seagate. The Seagate is faster, and more "durable" as a scratch / pg file /etc drive.

Really all depends on what you plan on using the drive for. If its data storage only (like music, rar files, etc) the WD is a great deal. For everything else the Seagate is a better choice. :)

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