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+1 to the ECO. I have two of them. MUCH easier to work with then the H50.

These prebuilts are great for smaller cases or cases which dont have great internal air flow. In that kind of setup they will beat most air coolers out there.
In high air flow situations....they will lose. Sticking one of these prebuilts into a HAF932 / HAF X for example is not a great idea (they will do OK, but not great).

Really does come down to what your setup is and how much fresh air you can throw at the CPU cooler. If you got lots of air movement....get an air based CPU cooling solution such as the CM Hyper 212+, Zalman CNPS 10X Flex, Prolimatech, Noctua D14, Venomous X, Thermaltake Frio or a really nifty looking one the CM V6 GT. ANY of those in a high air flow environment will serve you better. :)

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