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I've been using that exact keyboard/remote combo for 3 or 4 months now with no complaints. Range for me is about 15 feet, and the usb dongle is on the backside of a lascala inside a closed cabinet - so lots potential interference, its only missed a few keystrokes in the time I've had it. The layout on it is quite comfortable for what it is. The buttons/scroll wheel and trackball are in the right places.

The only negatives I have with it, there doesnt seem to be any harmony remote, or at least I couldnt find one that is compatible with the RF reciever. Maybe there are but I didnt want to buy a harmony RF capable remote and find it didnt work, and the nmedia remote doesnt seem to be in the harmony database. I guess an IR reciever would fix that. The keyboard is still quite large, that may be an issue for you. Mine hasnt broken yet but if someone else has gone through three of them thats sounds inevitable. There a cheap wireless lenovo keyboard keeps coming up for sale for about $50 if I remember might be a good option too.
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